Exploring What I Know to Be True

I know in this moment that my focus is on my thoughts which are about worrying about what to do next in this beautiful place I call Paradise.  Annexing “worry” with “beautiful” and “paradise!”   Shift to breathing in the light and love of the Divine and being the Oneness of the beauty of this paradise on Mother Earth.  Just writing this last sentence shifted the energy dropping down into my body connecting with my essence and worries melted into the hands of the Divine where they dissipate & dissolve in love.

Knowing the Truth

What do I know to be the truth in this 10 seconds…I worry, I dramatize about others which I use to not enjoy my life, my heart & soul, my sweet Zeke and sweet Jesse.  The time to awaken is NOW.  The time to love is now.  The time to play is NOW.  The time to empower is now.  The time to move is now.  The time to step into the Oneness is NOW.